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WD, value-added NFTs!


The Jean-Marie Ledannois exhibition which runs from 11/19/21 to 01/07/22 was the opportunity for the WD gallery to offer NFT (Non fungible Token) with the sale of its works. We interviewed the founder manager of the Bertrand DELBOS gallery, who received us in this magnificent exhibition venue, the Hotel Viaudey.


(Bertrand Delbos, founder manager of WD Art Gallery)



Editor : What an extraordinary place! Is this your exclusive exhibition venue?


Bertrand DELBOS : No, but it is our privileged place that our partners at Imperial Art, specializing in the first empire, are kind enough to share. We have two other exhibitions planned for 2022, one around art after 1945 and the other around lithography. In addition, it is a strategic choice to be able to vary the places according to the artists and the subjects of the exhibitions. For me, this is part of this new way of disseminating art.


E : Was it also to do things a little differently that you chose to get into NFT?


BD : It's not my main motivation, but curiosity and discovery are values that we share with Nathan Waks, the other co-founder of the WD gallery. We are entering the virtual era and art is no exception to this new trend. It therefore seemed obvious to us to position ourselves in this market. First, the NFTs will allow us to provide our customers with new generation certificates of authenticity. It’s also a new way to share our passion because I don’t plan to market NFTs without this added value which is for me the main ingredient for success in this market. It is for this reason that I wanted to highlight it in our communications with the slogan "WD of value-added NFTs!" ".


E : You chose the artist Jean-Marie Ledannois to get started, can you explain to us why?


BD : First of all, it was the gallery's first exhibition, we wanted to mark the occasion and show that we fully intend to be present in this market in 2022. I will admit that I do not yet know in what form but this fascinates us. Just as one should not oppose classical and contemporary or figurative and abstract, one should not in the future oppose real and virtual point of view. I believe that one can contribute to the other and that it should be part of our development strategy. Artist Jean-Marie Ledannois "ticks all the boxes", he is a quality artist with absolutely magnificent colors and this incredible ability to generate in the viewer contrasting emotions such as joy or melancholy. I also found it amusing to launch these NFTs in a regency-style setting with an abstract artist who didn't get the place they deserve in the market. Given the success of this first exhibition and at the request of our clients, we plan to organize two more exhibitions over the next three years on the artist, whose price has been rising over the past two years.


E : Regarding NFTs, what do you mean by added value?


BD : From my perspective if market players just sell simple digital photo files or serve NFTs as certificates of authenticity, it won't work in the long run. It is the NFT project as a whole that must bring added value to buyers, this implies adding interesting and coherent content to this NFT. Regarding our NFTs offered with the works of Jean-Marie Ledannois exhibited, we will add music, video and photo content related to the artist. It is not yet fully satisfactory, but it is a first step. We are also working with a young YouTuber who advises us on this subject and allows us to subscribe to a logic of permanent progress.






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