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Hôtel Viaudey

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An exhibition space at Place du Général-Catroux in Paris.


The Hotel Viaudey has nothing to envy of the other historic buildings in the square. With 200 m2 of exhibition space, it has a Regency-style central room with a Louis XV lounge and a Louis XVI lounge, as well as a Regency-style central room. The premises were occupied by “the Viaudey trio”, a group of female musicians formed by the three sisters of the same name: two cellists, Monique and Jeannine Viaudey and a harpist Ghislaine Viaudey. The group's success was unanimous, supported by renowned composer and cellist Paul Bazelaire, also husband of Monique Viaudey.
Two centuries later, the premises, now restored and again adorned with gilding, offer a timeless and sumptuous setting for the exhibitions.

Located at 3 place du Général-Catroux, in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, this square designed during the urbanization work of the Pereire brothers, was inaugurated in 1862 under the name “Place Malesherbes”. Long named “Place des Trois Dumas” in reference to the statues of Dumas, placed in its center, it took the name of “Place du Général-Catroux” in 1977, in honor of General George Catroux, army general, minister and the Fourth Republic, French ambassador and one of General de Gaulle's main allies.


Around this square, many remarkable buildings have been erected, such as the Hotel Gaillard. Located at 1 place du Général-Catroux and built in a neo-renaissance style, this exceptional former private mansion was built between 1878 and 1882 by the architect Jules February for the banker Émile Gaillard. Since 2019, the building has housed the Cité de l'Economie. Émile Gaillard, a banker of Grenobloise origin, was an art collector and lover with a particular attraction for works from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Its considerable collection was one of the main reasons for the construction of the Hotel Gaillard.
It was in this same hotel that one of the most significant celebrations of the 19th century took place. Indeed, on April 10, 1885, to celebrate the entry into the world of his daughter Jeanne, Émile Gaillard gave a Henry II-inspired costume ball, to which more than 2,000 guests were invited. This celebration also unofficially marked the inauguration of the Boulevard and Place Malesherbes, completed three years earlier. The ball unites the whole of Paris in a grandiose celebration and was acclaimed by the press. Thus, Le Monde Illustrated described this ball as "one of the most beautiful costume balls that we have remembered".


Other famous personalities lived around this square. The French composer Charles Gounod stayed in the mansion, at n ° 20. Actress Sarah Bernhardt also had a hotel at the end of the square, at the corner of Avenue de Villiers and Rue Fortuny. The square also hosts a large number of works and places of memory, such as the statue of the Pain of Orpheus by Raoul Verlet, destroyed in 1942, and the Monument to Sarah Bernhardt by François-Léon Sicard.