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» » » » Egon SCHIELE - Print - Lithograph - Seated Girl with Bare Torso and Light Blue Skirt

Egon SCHIELE - Print - Lithograph - Seated Girl with Bare Torso and Light Blue Skirt

Reference -BDNW2409

Seated Girl with Bare Torso and Light Blue Skirt is a print, lithograph by the artist Egon SCHIELE which will personalize the interior of art lovers in a unique and original way.

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Egon SCHIELE - Print - Lithograph - Seated Girl with Bare Torso and Light Blue Skirt

Artist : SCHIELE Egon (1890-1918)

Title : Seated Girl with Bare Torso and Light Blue Skirt, 1911

Medium : Lithograph on classic Rives Artist paper in ivory color 270g

Type of work : Monogrammed in the plate by the artist. Lithograph from the EROTICA portfolio. Lithograph published in 1200 copies after the original drawing by the artist. It was printed on a flat machine, Marinoni-Voirin in Paris

Dimensions : 50 cm x 32 cm

Condition : Good

Provenance : Certified origin, the invoice engages the responsibility of the gallery as to the authenticity of the work.


Artist's biography Egon Schiele was born on June 12, 1890 in Tulln, near Vienna, to a father of German and Protestant origin and a mother of Czech and Catholic origin. Egon’s father died in 1904, leaving three children: Egon, Mélanie and Gerty, with whom the artist had a passionate relationship throughout his life. A little studious student, Egon entered the Vienna Academy at the age of sixteen. In 1908 he met Gustav Klimt, whom he was influenced by. Threatened with dismissal, he decides to leave the Academy. He then leads a chaotic life. Neglecting and refusing any concession, he quarrels with most of his patrons. In 1911, he linked up with an old Klimt model. Seventeen-year-old Wally was his companion for five years, supporting him in the most difficult times: he was jailed in 1912 on a false charge of kidnapping and rape of a minor. In 1915, he left Wally and married. Enlisted as a volunteer, he went from barracks to barracks, but never to the front lines. Back in Vienna at the beginning of 1917, he enjoyed success as a social portrait painter. On October 28, 1918, his pregnant wife died of the Spanish flu. On October 31, Schiele also passed away. From his school years, Schiele demonstrated an ability to draw extremely quickly. The human figure and the nude will be his main sources of inspiration. Due to lack of funds, he first asks his sister, poor children or the patients of a women's clinic. Subsequently, his partner Wally, then his wife, will be his main models. “Your drawings will always please connoisseurs and even a few non-connoisseurs,” wrote a Viennese merchant. Indeed, his erotic works are sought after by amateurs, despite a sometimes brutal, even morbid vision. Disarticulating bodies, Schiele gives his models the impersonal faces of rag dolls. The shapes, first enhanced with watercolor and underlined with gouache, become purified, leaving the line all its power. Schiele, who knew little of the foreign art of his time, follows the tradition of the great Germanic designers.


This description was developed by us following our expertise and the various reference books on the artist in our possession, any copying is therefore prohibited.

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