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Trends decor 2021


© artjafara


Nothing like starting the year well than decorating your interior again. Especially since it is not excluded at the start of 2021 that you have to spend a lot of time at home again. 

Therefore, why not wake up the decorator that sleeps in you, taking inspiration from the 2021 trends ?

This year, it is the return in force of nature in interior decoration both in materials and in forms. As if to better level the exit restrictions, the designers offer to escape us in all simplicity by giving a preponderant place to nature and in particular to plants. Whether they are in motif, fresh or dried, they settle in your living room with the style "jungle" or "champêtre".


© Interest                                                                                                    © Pampa


Natural wood rubs shoulders with the wicker and the rattan giving your interior a warm atmosphere reinforced by the pastel colors of ceramics which is in the honor this year whether decorative or utilitarian. The glass is not outdone, because it plays with light and brings a lighter and airy side as well as a feeling of space. 


                                  © MaisonDuMonde                                                                                                    © House side


The trend is also for printed matter with refined or cubist patterns, influenced by large masters such as Matisse or Picasso, they give a touch of originality to your laundry or dishes.


     © H & MHome                                                                                                                                                                                                              © HomeListy


Finally with the "last but not least", the retro is the return of the offices of curiosities to the André Breton or mixes all kinds of objects including some unusual. You can also transform your interior into a mini gallery during the reopening of museums.



© MadameDecore






In line with the trends of 2021 WD Art Gallery offers you its selection ...



If you do not wish to completely cover one of your walls with flowery wallpaper, you could hang one of Lizzie Derriey's original paintings which will give your interior the desired but also retro flower effect.





If you want to integrate a little nature into your interior, the boards of our centenary herbarium will cause a sensation.




Finally, why not let yourself be surprised by the realism of the preparatory drawings of the famous glassmaker Pierre D’avesn and like the surrealist René Magritte say that this is not a vase ?



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